Casas de Santa Fe | How to Pack for Travel Photography (and Save Space)
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How to Pack for Travel Photography (and Save Space)

Our beautiful Santa Fe has always been a hotspot for travel photographers looking to capture the essence of the area’s picturesque landscapes and spectacular views. However, carrying around bulky photography equipment in nature can be a hassle for most. Here’s a checklist of essential items we think you might need to ease your mind and ensure that you get the perfect shot without tiring yourself out:


Going out for a shoot in the Santa Fe area won’t require you to lug around a lot of extra equipment such as your laptop, flashes, and other gear, so all you’ll need is a simple bag. Bring a bag that’s just large enough to hold your camera and essential accessories over your shoulder. Try one that’s padded enough for an extra lens and just big enough to hold memory cards, one light, and personal items such as your wallet, phone, and a map. This is the perfect solution for traveling around large crowds and walking long distances for a great photography session.

Card Case

Whether you’re hiking or on the road, it’s easy to lose little things like memory cards. Be sure to pack a small protective case to keep you organized and to make sure you don’t misplace anything.

Cleaning Equipment

Ever been out in nature? There’s dirt and lots of it. Pick up a few lens cloths to help with dust, sand, and dirt that’ll inevitably wind up on your lenses. A “puffer” will also keep your mirrors and sensor spotless.

120+ GB External Hard Drive

Experts recommend purchasing a new hard drive for every photographic trip. Depending on the duration of your trip and how extensive your photography will be, you may want to purchase a hard drive with a larger storage space in order to keep your photos safe and secure.

Zip Lock Bags

It doesn’t rain very often here in Santa Fe but whether you’re shooting here or Seattle, you’ll want to be prepared for anything. You might want to keep a couple spare gallon-sized zip lock bags to keep your lenses and camera covered and protected when you want to keep shooting, in spite of some unfortunate weather.

LED Light

Don’t want to pack multiple flashes? We don’t blame you. In order to keep your bag from being on the heavier side, consider packing one LED light that you can easily secure to the top of your camera. These are great for when you need to shoot in a dark place like caves or other low-lit areas.

Notebook & Pen

When you’re out shooting you might get so wrapped up in getting the perfect shot that you forget things like location names, people you’ve met, random notes, and other small yet important details. Help yourself keep track of every part of your photography experience on the go with a small, portable notebook (or pad) and a trustworthy pen that won’t take up a lot of space. Oh, and trust us… You may want to turn to your iPhone for this task, but you won’t be too happy if it gets damaged from a surprise storm or a simple slip from your hand.

Travel Tripod

Okay this one may require more than a simple over-the-shoulder bag, but sometimes a tripod is necessary to capture the perfect long-exposure shot of a New Mexican sunset — you don’t want to regret not having one later. If you’re worried about having to carry a big, bulky (and heavy) tripod around on your next excursion, we’ve got some good news for you! Lightweight travel tripods are available at most retailers and are a lot more compact for shooting on the go.