Casas de Santa Fe | Getting Active in 2018: An Interview with Trainer Lorenzo Hernandez
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Getting Active in 2018: An Interview with Trainer Lorenzo Hernandez

2018 is here folks. New Year’s Eve is long gone and those resolutions you made at the stroke of midnight, committing yourself to a healthier, fitter you may already feel like distant, empty promises. But fear not! We spoke with Lorenzo Hernandez, one of Santa Fe’s top trainers at Undisputed Fitness (embedded link to website), to give you the push you need to get off of the couch and into the gym.

Former mixed martial arts fighter Tait Fletcher started Undisputed Fitness when he noticed a void in the athletic and fitness scene in Santa Fe, NM.  While on first glance it may seem like a no nonsense gym, the team at Undisputed Fitness is both laid back and approachable, offering clients a supportive community that works to transform not only people’s bodies but also their attitudes toward living their best lives. Offering a range of classes from Self Defense, CrossFit, Strongman, Cardio Kickboxing, 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, and the signature Undisputed Fit Boot Camp as well as one-on-one training sessions, clients and visitors alike can mix up their workouts and avoid the monotony of your run of the mill gym.

Lorenzo Hernandez is currently Undisputed Fitness’ head coach and boasts an impressive resume.  Hernandez holds his CFL-2, CF Strongman, CF Powerlifting (Conjugate), USAW Weightlifting and Crossroads Adaptive Coach certifications.  An outdoor sports enthusiast with a penchant for competitive snowboarding and biking, Hernandez proves why Santa Fe is one of the country’s best places to call home if you subscribe to the adage, ‘My body is my temple.’

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Let’s dive right into the nitty-gritty, shall we?

Lorenzo: I’m game!

Most of us tend to overreach when setting our fitness goals at the start of the year.  How do you advise your clients to set manageable, attainable objectives?

Lorenzo: We begin by tackling small, specific goals. These goals can range from cutting out sugar for twenty-one days to getting seven hours of uninterrupted sleep, to drinking half of one’s bodyweight in ounces of water.  Then we set new, foundational goals. Typically, we begin by addressing nutrition, followed by physical performance and so on.

Getting active after the holiday season can be daunting, to say the least. What is the best way to get a head start that will leave people feeling motivated, not defeated?

Lorenzo: First of all, don’t stress! If you have been conscious throughout the year of what you have put into your body, I encourage you to relax and enjoy the holidays without regret. Then, we simply pick back up right where left off. The first few days may be challenging, but hey, you’re showing up now, so have fun!

Sometimes people can be overeager when getting started, without an awareness of their bodies’ limitations, which leads to strain and injury.  How should one take precaution?

Lorenzo: Great question. If you are a seasoned athlete, then you are pretty aware of your limitations. If you have taken a substantial break over the holidays and know coming back to the gym will be a bit of a challenge, acceptance is key. Today is your present moment but this moment is not your forever.

If you’re green, make sure you have proper guidance via group classes or a personal trainer. This approach will ensure you make strides toward success without overdoing it or risking injury.

Let’s talk nutrition. Fads like juice cleanses, thirty-day challenges, and no carb diets are popular around this time of year, but these quick fixes can’t be sustained.

Lorenzo: This happens all of the time. Changing your habits is a true commitment. We hold a great quarterly challenge called Whole Life Challenge. It is essentially a network that provides community and support through our gym and promotes better habits through nutrition, sleep, mobility, mindfulness and random acts of kindness. The challenge lasts six weeks, and even though it can be rigorous, it will bring you into awareness of how you live your life.

You boast quite a lengthy client list. What is the most common issue a client cites when he or she begins working with you?

Lorenzo: Most clients I see have mobility issues, which cause knee, hip or shoulder ailments. Luckily we have highly knowledgeable coaches on staff who actively train to understand how to improve the longevity of our clients’ lives.

Santa Fe appeals to fans of the great outdoors. As a local, what are your favorite outdoor activities?

Lorenzo: My family loves to hike and bring along our dogs. We also take mini adventures all around this gorgeous state. During the winter, we are up at the ski hill taking turns down the mountain and then hiking back up in order to earn those turns!

What led you to become not only an athlete but eventually a head coach and personal trainer based out of Santa Fe?

Lorenzo: I’ve always loved to be active. When I was younger, I played sports, which naturally led me to the gym as a result. But there were definitely a few periods in my life where I slowed down dramatically and let life take the best of me. So I know that if I could change and overcome the struggles I faced, anyone can.  There are so many things I want to continue to explore, like adaptive, prenatal, and postpartum work.

I actually grew up here! It was only after I had left Santa Fe and been away for several years that I then had a strong desire to settle here.  Leaving allowed me to see Santa Fe from a new perspective and fully appreciate the community and the city’s uniqueness.

For more on Lorenzo and how to book a session, head over to the Undisputed Fitness website.